Adigami Announces New API Integration with Facebook Ads

Facebook Marketing API further bolsters Adigami's strong roster of digital media integrations.

Adigami's marketing analytics platform has added a key new integration with Facebook Ads. The company already supports integrations with Google DoubleClick for Advertisers (and Publishers) along with many other digital media sources. By adding support for the Facebook Marketing API, it is now even easier for companies to access their digital media analytics using Adigami's iPaaS (integration platform as a service).

Each digital media service has its own unique characteristics and properly collecting the data poses its own technical challenges that require committed engineering resources. The ease of integration provided through Adigami's unified API makes it possible for companies to sidestep all the integration work and quickly build reporting tools that will bring them timely and automated access to their data. In addition to warehousing, Adigami's service provides multiple layers of aggregation that allows stakeholders to view performance at very granular (e.g. keyword or creative) or higher levels (e.g. advertiser, or agency).

"The Facebook Ads platform has really proven itself in recent years and we're very happy to offer a comprehensive integration with their APIs" said Cyrus Ghalambor, founder and CEO of Adigami. Adigami supports a long list of digital media channels and data sources, including search and display advertising, social media, web analytics, email, and mobile advertising.

Established in 2008, Adigami is a data integration and visualization company specializing in digital media analytics. Adigami is focused on helping organizations jumpstart their data analytics collection and reporting projects. Their integration platform as a service (iPaaS) covers a wide range of APIs and is also available for use on premise.

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